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About Xplor

Truecoach is brought to you by Xplor, the first global platform integrating software, payments, and commerce-enabling services to help businesses thrive. Visit xplortechnologies.com to learn more about how Xplor’s products supercharge success.

We're on a mission to help coaches save time, deliver a better experience for their clients, and grow their training businesses. We built TrueCoach to…

  • enable 1-to-1 coaching that scales
  • freeing up time for coaches to get out of the gym and work on their businesses rather than in their businesses.

At Xplor Technologies, the value “Move with Purpose” really resonates with me. It embodies the essence of our commitment to excellence and constant progress. To me, this value signifies more than just forward motion; it signifies a deliberate and intentional journey towards our goals.

Martha Coxe

VP, Corporate FP&A

My personal and familial experiences have shaped a view where I very much value diversity. I see myself, although made up of very many cultural influences, as whole, and not defined by any specific trait. I have also seen, at Xplor Technologies, that accepting and embracing those who are nothing like you, encompassing the differences in any characteristic, lead to richer ideas, discussion, creativity and most importantly of all – great food!

Kevin Kanji

Chief Security Officer

I’ve always loved what I do. I think the anxiety I experience is a product of both myself and my role – because working with the media is very deadline driven, unpredictable, and often high pressure. Many people suffer in silence with anxiety, so it’s important to tell people what is going on with you – because a problem shared is a problem halved at Xplor Technologies.

Emily Lahey

Director, Public Relations

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Take the time to follow up with unsuccessful candidates. Provide constructive feedback where appropriate. While these candidates may not have been successful this time round.

Source: 2021 Nelson Report