What inclusion and diversity means to us

Inclusion ignites innovation

Innovation is executing new ideas to create value. The best ideas emerge when different perspectives meet. We believe that the best innovation occurs at the intersection of difference people of different cultures, generations, disciplines, and lived experiences. An inclusive culture that values differences, welcomes ideas, and empowers people is what ignites innovation.

Inclusion and Diversity at
Xplor means:


Xplor’s strength comes from the diversity of our people. We strive to attract, develop, engage and retain a globally diverse mix of talent that mirrors the communities, customers and consumers we serve.


Our diverse workforce is empowered by an inclusive culture that makes space for everyone to thrive, where diverse perspectives are valued, and differences are leveraged to create unique solutions.

Community and Marketplace

We want all Xplorers to feel like they belong to something bigger. We create connections to each other and our communities through our Xplorer Networks. We believe inclusion ignites innovation and we create innovation experiences for Xplorers to collaborate, experiment intelligently and propose new ideas - all so we can help people succeed.

What we’re doing

We’re taking meaningful action to embed inclusion and diversity in everything we do. To create an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive, we need to keep learning and actively making space for different perspectives. Our Inclusion Ignites Innovation strategy includes actions that every Xplorer can take to help create an inclusive culture. We share regular inclusion updates and learning resources with the whole company, with opportunities for everyone to get involved.

Xploring Our Stories

We believe storytelling is a powerful tool to highlight diverse perspectives and challenge bias. Xplorers are invited to share their stories and perspectives with the whole company. Xploring Our Stories has included insights on leading culturally diverse teams, work-life balance, and education on gender identity and pronouns.

As a global, multicultural company, respecting the values of various cultures strengthens our understanding and appreciation of each other and the world. We regularly highlight cultural celebrations around the globe, and encourage Xplorers to share and celebrate their cultures at work.

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ Pledge

Our CEO Pamela Joseph has signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ pledge, the world’s largest CEO-led business commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The pledge commitments are to:

  1. Cultivate trusting workplaces that can have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations.
  2. Implement and/or expand unconscious bias education.
  3. Share best – and unsuccessful – practices.
  4. Create and share strategic inclusion and diversity plans with the board of directors.

Xploring Unconscious Bias

Research shows that when people feel a sense of belonging, it leads to greater collaboration, innovation, and higher performance. A common barrier to inclusion is bias, which we all have.

We ask every Xplorer to complete unconscious bias training, with debrief sessions for all leaders and teams. This training is helping us to learn more about the biases we each have, and to pause in our everyday decisions and work to disrupt bias.

Xplorer Networks

We have three Xplorer Networks dedicated to fostering community, belonging and inclusion for minority groups. Our Networks are global, open to all Xplorers and provide networking opportunities, thought leadership, education and advice on our inclusion and diversity initiatives and policies. They help foster an inclusive work environment for:

  • Women @ Xplor
  • Pride @ Xplor
  • BIPOC+ Global @ Xplor

What we're saying

I’ve always loved what I do. I think the anxiety I experience is a product of both myself and my role – because working with the media is very deadline driven, unpredictable, and often high pressure. Many people suffer in silence with anxiety, so it’s important to tell people what is going on with you – because a problem shared is a problem halved at Xplor Technologies.

Emily Lahey

Director, Public Relations

My personal and familial experiences have shaped a view where I very much value diversity. I see myself, although made up of very many cultural influences, as whole, and not defined by any specific trait. I have also seen, at Xplor Technologies, that accepting and embracing those who are nothing like you, encompassing the differences in any characteristic, lead to richer ideas, discussion, creativity and most importantly of all – great food!

Kevin Kanji

Chief Security Officer

At Xplor Technologies, the value “Move with Purpose” really resonates with me. It embodies the essence of our commitment to excellence and constant progress. To me, this value signifies more than just forward motion; it signifies a deliberate and intentional journey towards our goals.

Martha Coxe

VP, Corporate FP&A

We are looking for great people

If you’re ready to reach your full potential, we want to hear from you. Whatever you’re good at, there’s a place for you at Xplor.

Xplor’s strength comes from the diversity of our people. We strive to create a globally diverse, high-performing workforce that mirrors the countries, communities, and customers we serve. We are an equal opportunity employer that doesn’t discriminate on an individual’s race, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, marital status, or any other status protected by country, federal, state, region, or local laws.