ATLANTA, GA – July 9, 2024 – Xplor Mariana Tek, a powerful, consumer-focused, and easy-to-use boutique fitness software platform from Xplor Technologies, has today announced a brand-new suite of gamification tools for fitness and wellness studios. The new gamification features are designed to help studios excite and motivate their members to reach new fitness goals with in-studio challenges, and automatic, in-app tracking of goals, streaks, and milestones. 

Gamification is a powerful tool in fitness.

Consumers can be celebrated for reaching a particular milestone or achieving a goal, with a system that provides feedback and recognition for effort. The technique reinforces behavior by encouraging people to continue to reach for their goals, boosting engagement, and building a sense of community for fitness brands. 

According to research from Science Direct, users of fitness apps with gamification are also more likely to stick to their fitness goals than those using traditional fitness apps.1 Enabling studios to transform fitness journeys into exciting, interactive experiences benefits both consumers and fitness brands: exercise is more enjoyable for consumers, and studios can increase class attendance and membership revenue.   

“Every successful studio recognizes the power of shared experiences. Challenges are an effective way to bring your community together while working towards your personal goals. For the consumer, it’s incredibly motivating and allows them to up their workout frequency and build new routines. For studios, it’s a way to build brand sentiment and really solidify the power of community,” said Shannon Tracey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Xplor Mariana Tek at Xplor Technologies. 

Xplor Mariana Tek’s new industry-leading gamification suite supports:

  • Unlimited milestones: Studios can set unique milestones, and the new milestone and class counter drives consumers to the next exciting moment in their fitness journey – with opportunities to anticipate milestones, and then share their achievements with friends. 
  • Goals: By setting personal goals and having these automatically tracked in-app, consumers are more incentivized to book for the week ahead and attend classes more consistently.  
  • Streaks: Consumers can set a goal for how many classes they will attend each week, and when they accomplish that goal, they will be recognized for consistency. Being celebrated for every streak in real-time helps consumers gain a sense of accomplishment and develop a closer bond with their studio. 
  • Challenges: Challenges make people feel like they are part of something bigger. Studios can build unique challenges designed to motivate members, build community and encourage new class bookings, while consumers can automatically track their progress, climb the leaderboard, and share their progress. 

B/SPOKE Studios’ experience

Boston-based, multi-location boutique fitness brand B/SPOKE Studios is using Xplor Mariana Tek’s new gamification growth features to better engage clients and further support communities to sweat together. Mark Partin, Co-founder and CEO of B/SPOKE said, “We are always looking for clever ways to tap into a healthy competitive spirit amongst our community, get more people engaging with our studio app, and deepen the connection we already have with our loyal clients. By celebrating their hard work and injecting some fun into the process through a well-designed User Experience (UX), we’re strengthening our community and encouraging clients to keep coming back in a way that feels empowering and organic. They love it!”    

“We’re always seeking new ways to bring consumers closer to our studios and help them motivate their community outside of the studio. Gamification is no different, and our new tools are a virtual high five for members who up their frequency; hit a milestone; complete a challenge; or maintain a weekly class streak,” Shannon Tracey adds. “With more fun, memorable, and motivational experiences, we’re making it easier for studios to turn drop-in users into regular members.”  

About Xplor Mariana Tek

Xplor Mariana Tek is obsessed with building memorable experiences that turn consumers into loyal brand advocates. In 2022, the team launched ‘Year In Motion’, a personalized, shareable, in-app summary of studio members’ achievements which helped fitness brands cultivate community and drove new class bookings.  

Renowned for delivering the best consumer experience in boutique fitness, Xplor Mariana Tek powers thousands of fitness and wellness studio locations across the UK, U.S., and Canada, with plans to expand into Europe and Australasia soon.  

To find out more about Xplor Mariana Tek visit the website.   

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Article by Xplor Technologies

First published: July 09 2024

Last updated: July 09 2024