• Xplor Technologies, a global platform integrating software, payments, and commerce-accelerating technologies for businesses in the Education sector, today launches Home+, Australia’s first parenting content platform linked to a child’s individual learning outcomes. 300,000+ parents can now access free parenting education through a new content hub, Home+.
  • The first of several education content partners for Home+, leading antenatal and early parenting education provider, Ternity Group, has signed an exclusive agreement with Xplor.
  • Online masterclass resources include videos, articles, and e-books produced by more than 20 qualified health and early education professionals.

MELBOURNE, Australia – July 22, 2021 – Xplor Technologies, a global platform integrating software, payments, and commerce-accelerating technologies for businesses in the Education sector, today launches Home+, Australia’s first parenting content platform linked to a child’s individual learning outcomes. For the first time ever, childcare educators and parents can access free professional guidance and online education resources on nine major childcare themes: nutrition, behaviour, communication, sleep, growth, toileting, first-aid, dads/partners, parenting and work.

Home+ is a game-changing content initiative designed to empower parents with knowledge to support their child’s development and routines. Real-time videos, e-books, tip sheets, and masterclass courses will be available for free for parents through the Home App, and also via early childhood professionals using the Playground App who can tag and share timely content specific to a child’s individual learning outcomes and development milestones during care. Home+ also offers expert postnatal and development content recommendations tailored to a child’s needs, helping to bridge any gaps in communication between childcare administrators, educators, and working parents.

Xplor has selected leading antenatal and early parenting education provider, Ternity Group to be the first of its partners to offer masterclass content on Home+, with new content created exclusively for Xplor and other partners to follow. Ternity Group’s ‘Nourish Baby’ education program aims to build a positive birthing and early parenting experience for parents of infants (birth to three years), with access to educational resources from more than 20 qualified health professionals.

Founded in 2012, Nourish Baby is the only antenatal and early parenting knowledge platform with courses endorsed by Childbirth and Parenting Educators of Australia (CAPEA). The Ternity Group Education Library houses a wide range of antenatal and postnatal content recommended by obstetricians, midwives and child health nurses, and accessed by over 10,000 parents across Australia.

A pioneer of cloud-based technology in the early education sector, Xplor supports every element of the childcare customer journey via its OfficePlaygroundHome and Space apps which are specifically tailored for users’ needs – whether administrator, educator or parent. Xplor serves over 7,000 childcare centres across Australia through its QikKids and Xplor brands and is increasingly committed to delivering a world-class childcare experience for parents by allowing them to search and enrol for childcare more easily and stay connected to their child’s early learning and development every day.

Mark Woodland, CEO of Education for Xplor, said parents would benefit immensely from real-time access to trusted, expert education and insights on topics like breastfeeding challenges, sleep practices, toddler development, and more. “Home+ is a sector-first initiative, and we are proud to be using cutting edge technology to improve access to early education for families. Australia’s best parenting content is now available for free, empowering parents to enrich their child’s early education and offering childcare centres another way to build lasting relationships with their families.”

“Most new parents are time-poor, so we’re making it as easy as possible to access quality healthcare education and stay involved in their child’s early learning day-to-day. By partnering with Ternity, parents can access real-time, quality advice and guidance – along with first-hand content recommendations from educators when they’re making observations on a child during care. We’re committed to helping parents better understand how their child is developing and removing unnecessary admin when it comes to childcare.”

“Our organisation was born out of a desire to promote healthy social and emotional development of infants in Australia during their formative years, and we are glad to share our first class, evidence-based health education with such a wide parent audience through Xplor,” said Cindy Davenport, Maternal & Child Health Nurse and Clinical Director at Ternity.

“Ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing rules have meant many new parents are often without the assistance of health professionals or unable to call on extended family for support. Our content helps bridge that gap with reliable and credible education that provides parents with the skills to face parenting challenges.

“Nourish Baby content resources are designed by health professionals with over 30 years of experience, and some of our most-watched videos include ‘Understanding your baby or toddler’ and ‘Sleep and settling your baby. I’m confident that these and other programs will be well-received by parents using Home+ and educators using Playground, and we look forward to a continued relationship with Xplor.” Cindy said.

To sign up for Home and access Home+ visit: https://www.ourxplor.com/parent/

About Xplor

Advent International portfolio companies Clearent and TSG have merged to form Xplor Technologies, a superior global platform integrating software, payments, and commerce-accelerating technologies to help businesses succeed. Xplor offers enterprise software solutions for businesses in five fast-growing ‘everyday life’ industries: Education, Health and Fitness, Boutique Wellness, Field Services and Personal Services – and a global, cloud-based processing platform that allows clients to process payments seamlessly and securely for their services. With operations across North America, Australasia, Europe, and the United Kingdom, Xplor serves over 82,000 businesses that processed over $27 billion in payments, operating across 158 countries in 2020.

Xplor Education serves +7,000 childcare services through its Xplor and QikKids brands, providing a seamless experience for educators, families, and services. To learn more visit: https://www.xplortechnologies.com/

About Ternity Group

Ternity Group is an Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS) EQuIP6 accredited organisation which supports parents with antenatal and early parenting education under three brands: Nourish Baby, Safe Sleep Space, and Sleep Smart. The purpose of the organisation is to promote positive birth outcomes and healthy development of infants (birth to 3 years). Resources offered by the Ternity Group support a range of organisations including maternity hospitals, child and family health centres, childcare providers, and private health funds. Services for parents and health professionals include an online learning hub, conferences, and workshops, as well as sleep and settling phone consultations.

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First published: July 22 2021

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