ATLANTA, GA, AUG 23, 2022 – USA Weightlifting, the national governing body for weightlifting competitions, is excited to announce that TrueCoach by Xplor is the newest member to join the strongest team in the United States of America (USA). As the official coaching app of USA Weightlifting, TrueCoach by Xplor is now part of the national coaching education program, giving coaches the technology, they need to hit the ground running with weightlifting programming.

With the most successful outing Team USA has had in years, two weightlifting athletes landed on the podium in the last Olympics Games – marking the first time the USA has earned two weightlifting medals in a single Games in 21 years.1 As one of the fastest-growing sports in the USA, the weightlifting movement is quickly becoming popular with both new, seasoned, and elite athletes – increasingly so for women.

Over 3,600 coaches currently certify in weightlifting every year in the USA with the number of female weightlifting coaches having grown by 11% since 2021.2 There is a growing demand for quality weightlifting education, and USA Weightlifting reports that a significant portion of revenue now comes from weightlifting education programs, rather than memberships.3

The new solution allows coaches to capitalize on this education opportunity, allowing coaches who complete their USA Weightlifting Level 1 (Club) or Level 2 (Senior) course preferential access to TrueCoach for the first three months, and all TrueCoach users gain access to official USA Weightlifting movement education videos. When surveyed, 23% of TrueCoach users said they were interested in continuing education from USA Weightlifting.4

“There is a natural link between USA Weightlifting and TrueCoach because many of our great coaches know and use the platform with their athletes. We are excited to have them officially on board with USA Weightlifting,” said JP Nicoletta, Director of Coaching Education, USA Weightlifting. 

Founded in 2015, TrueCoach by Xplor was created to give coaches an easy-to-use app to manage both remote and in-person clients and remove the burden of unnecessary administration when running their business. Over 17,000 TrueCoach users globally currently tailor their workout programming to meet their clients’ individual needs via workout builders, video exercise libraries, embedded payments, and real-time messaging.  

“We’re proud to be helping USA Weightlifting coaches and athletes reach their full potential. Teaming with coaches at the start of their certification allows them to master TrueCoach from day 1, so they can deliver customized, best-in-class workout programming more efficiently, and grow their business,” said Michelle Furniss, General Manager, Coach, Fitness & Wellbeing, at Xplor Technologies and a certified personal and qualified group fitness trainer.  

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About USA Weightlifting

The mission of USA Weightlifting is to support United States athletes in achieving excellence in Olympic and world competition, and to support, promote and educate a diverse and inclusive community of weightlifting and the use of the barbell in the United States.

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2 USA Weightlifting proprietary membership data 2018-2021

3 USA Weightlifting proprietary data 2018-2021

4 According to an online survey of 865 TrueCoach users in June 2022.

Article by Xplor Technologies

First published: August 23 2022

Last updated: May 22 2024