ATLANTA, GA, May 8, 2024 – Xplor Mariana Tek, a powerful, easy-to-use boutique fitness software platform under Xplor Technologies, has partnered with Dr. B, a telehealth platform focused on affordable, accessible healthcare, to allow boutique fitness studios to help their customers unlock Flexible Savings Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) funds and pay for memberships and classes with pre-tax dollars. The union marks Dr. B’s first partnership with a boutique software platform and will make a wide range of fitness and wellness offerings more affordable to users, while also helping studios attract new customers and retain current members.

Many people don’t realize they may be eligible to spend their FSA and HSA funds on fitness memberships and classes. Through Dr. B, qualified members of participating studios using the Xplor Mariana Tek platform can take a seamless online health consultation and obtain a Letter of Medical Necessity allowing them to use FSA/HSA funds for their memberships and classes including barre, Pilates, HIIT, personal training and more. The ability to pay for workouts with pre-tax dollars maximizes value, saving them up to forty percent in costs.

“It’s wonderful to see so many people investing in their physical and mental health today in ways that work for them, whether that be Pilates, yoga, group fitness or personal training,” said Cyrus Massoumi, founder and CEO of Dr. B. Massoumi and Zocdoc. “Our new partnership with Xplor Mariana Tek is exciting because it opens up a wide range of offerings for people to improve their health through fitness while reducing the financial burden.”

In 2022, a record number of Americans were covered by HSAs, nearly 72 million, up 6.5% from 20211. And according to Devenir, around $123 billion was held in over 37 million HSAs at the end of 20232.

FSA/HSA funds are an underused resource in fitness because the process of determining eligibility and accessing available funds can be complicated. At no cost to studios, Dr. B creates significant savings for consumers by enabling them to use pre-tax dollars to pay for classes and memberships. This reduces member churn and lowers barriers to entry, allowing new customers to enjoy boutique fitness.

Participation requires no technical lift for studio owners. Dr. B creates a custom microsite and onboarding kit for studios to make it as easy as possible for them to share the benefit with their members. Custom marketing templates are also available to help studios promote the program to their customers, driving HSA/FSA funds into their studios.

“The boutique fitness industry continues to grow as people prioritize their fitness and well-being,” said Shannon Tracey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Xplor Mariana Tek at Xplor Technologies. “Our philosophy is consumer-first which we carry into everything we do – so a partnership with Dr. B, a brand that shares the same approach, was a natural fit. We’re thrilled to be their first and only boutique software partner, giving more people access to the fitness and wellness services that fit their lifestyles best.”

Today, thousands of boutique studios across the U.S., Canada, and the UK – including Pilates, yoga, spin, barre, group fitness and more – use Xplor Mariana Tek to manage and grow their business. To find out more about Xplor Mariana Tek, visit the website.

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About Dr. B

Dr. B’s mission is to expand access to a long and healthy life. As the only telehealth service that makes treatments affordable for anyone, Dr. B provides the most convenient way to get treatment online—including prescriptions—without leaving home. Dr. B was founded by Cyrus Massoumi, the founder of Zocdoc. It is a Public Benefit Corporation and certified B Corporation based in New York City. To learn more, visit

Article by Xplor Technologies

First published: May 08 2024

Last updated: May 20 2024