ATLANTA, GA – November 15, 2022 – TrueCoach, a leader in online personal training software for coaches, trainers, and instructors under Xplor Technologies, announced today its official partnership with Interstellar Performance Labs, a leader in human performance training for space research missions in isolated, confined, and extreme environments. TrueCoach by Xplor is now its exclusive one-on-one coaching platform for building individualized training programs for analog astronauts – those who participate in simulated space missions on Earth for research purposes.

Interstellar Performance Labs’ purpose is to change the safety culture of analog space missions by providing human performance training, support and resources for analog missions, and aid in future space missions. With the new arrangement, TrueCoach by Xplor is the official resource for building individualized mission training programs for Interstellar’s mission crews, including physical and mental fitness, nutrition, and human factors, along with the team dynamics that will best prepare them for space travel. The platform will help the crews achieve the vast fitness and mental requirements needed for safer missions focused on space travel research.

“We believe no other coaching platform currently on the market can easily cater to the specific individualized needs of fitness preparation for space travel,” said Michelle Furniss, General Manager, Coach, Fitness & Wellbeing at Xplor Technologies. “With human space travel as the next frontier, TrueCoach is now at the forefront of preparing both today’s aspiring astronauts and tomorrow’s civilian space travelers, for the intensive journey ahead.”

TrueCoach’s programming allows analog astronauts to train remotely before they gather for their mission, providing more flexibility than they have had ever before. It also creates an effortless way for coaches to design programs and deliver them swiftly to training astronauts, with all the physical readiness workouts, mental/meditation assignments, and performance tracking in one simple app. 

Interstellar Performance Labs recently unveiled the new offering at the 73rd International Astronautical Congress, where the company highlighted TrueCoach’s innovative approach to one-on-one coaching and physical readiness requirements, which are yet to be addressed for analog or commercial astronauts.

Training intended to simulate a lunar expedition inside the craters and caves of the Moon (photo by Hope Byrd)

Nine crew members were selected for Interstellar’s inaugural training consisting of an eight-week fitness program powered by TrueCoach which focused on improving aerobic capacity, muscular endurance, and one-on-one coaching. Interstellar also provided nutrition coaching, guided meditations, and weekly lectures covering mindfulness, emotional intelligence, sleep and recovery and communication. The training culminated with a one-week test mission that included an eight-hour extravehicular activity (EVA) designed to simulate a lunar expedition inside the craters and caves found on the surface of the Moon.

“We look forward to using TrueCoach as our exclusive coaching platform to ensure all of our analog astronauts are thoroughly prepared for the physical demands of their mission,” said Emily Apollonio, CEO, and founder of Interstellar Performance Labs. “A platform that can combine the full spectrum of physical and mental training, in one seamless app, is a huge asset to both the next generation of astronauts – and their trainers.”

The global space tourism market size was valued at USD $598M in 2021 and is expected to reach USD $695.1M in 2022.  On the heels of recent achievements from Space X and Axiom, and with major players like Boeing, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic working on their own plans, preparation for space travel on a mass scale is advancing rapidly. 

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Interstellar Performance Labs was founded in 2022 with the vision to optimize opportunities and reduce human error by providing human performance training to analog astronauts for isolated, confined, and extreme environments. We offer a range of hybrid training programs and individual development tracks using theory and practical applications to prepare individuals and crews for analog space missions. We specialize in physical and mental fitness, team dynamics, leadership, and human factors training. To learn more, please visit

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Article by Xplor Technologies

First published: November 15 2022

Last updated: May 21 2024