Clearent’s latest updates help partners execute their go-to-market seamlessly, and merchants to self-serve, driving speed and efficiency.

ATLANTA, GA – August 2, 2023 – Clearent by Xplor, a leading U.S. payment processor under Xplor Technologies, today announces its new and improved automated onboarding platform, designed to make account set-up faster and easier for its business partners. The application allows merchants to complete self-service enrollment and start processing payments more quickly.

The new and improved platform enhances the user experience and streamlines processes, for agents, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and referral partners. With quicker merchant verification and underwriting, the automated onboarding platform quickens account applications via simple navigation; logic designed to increase data accuracy; auto-reminders; options to save and return; order equipment; and electronic review and sign features.

For merchants, the benefits of the new and improved experience center on certainty and rate transparency. Merchants can see where they are at every step of the application process, complete their application using any desktop, mobile or tablet device, and get their business up and running, and taking payments, faster than traditional merchant application methods.

Clearent by Xplor’s integrated partners benefit from simplified merchant application flows, reduced application abandonment rates, less customer friction, and the ability to scale more quickly using an all-in-one merchant application and electronic signature experience. Tyler Barefoot, Payments Program Manager at Dental Intelligence confirms, “Clearent’s automated onboarding solution allows our merchants to be up and running taking payments in as little as 10 minutes, while giving us complete visibility during every stage of their enrollment. With Clearent by Xplor we have confidence that we are providing a simple, easy-to-use process for merchants right from the start. Clearent’s new automated onboarding solution has revolutionized our equipment ordering and deployment process, leading to a substantial increase in average processing volume – 1500% per active terminal account. This significant growth is a testament to the efficiency of the automated onboarding and terminal ordering process. Our partnership has not only streamlined operations but also enabled us to scale effectively and significantly improve our payments revenues.”

Establishing payment processing can be a complicated process for business owners. Automated onboarding helps address these issues by simplifying the merchant services enrollment and application process.

“An effective onboarding tool is essential for merchants as it sets the tone for their entire experience with our payment processing platform. By providing a streamlined and user-friendly enrollment process, we are not only helping merchants save time and resources, but also establishing a solid foundation for their future success,” said Nick Campbell, Chief Product Officer, Payments, Xplor Technologies. “Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for merchants to start taking payments and then grow their businesses with our platform. That starts with a great application experience.”

Automated onboarding is now available for Clearent by Xplor agents, ISOs, ISVs, referral partners, and their merchants. To find out more visit the website.

About Xplor Technologies

Xplor Technologies is a global platform integrating SaaS solutions, embedded payments, and Commerce Accelerating Technologies to help businesses succeed. Xplor Technologies provides enterprise-grade SaaS solutions for businesses in “everyday life” verticals: Childcare & Education, Fitness & Wellbeing, Field Services and Personal Services. Xplor Technologies serves over 78,000 customers that processed over $36 billion in payments and operated across 20 markets in 2022.

Clearent by Xplor allows merchants and partners to accept payments anywhere, anytime, with a complete range of payments solutions including point-of-sale, ecommerce, mobile, in-app, recurring billing, e-invoicing, and auto-reconciliation.

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Article by Xplor Technologies

First published: August 02 2023

Last updated: May 21 2024