Mentorship is a powerful way to help people reach their full potential and power others to reach their own. Xplor Technologies has teamed up with Global Mentorship Initiative to help students succeed by pairing them with professional mentors from Xplor.

Global Mentorship Initiative (GMI) supports college students from underserved communities around the world in transitioning from education to their first job through short-term, structured online mentorship programs. Since 2020, GMI has supported more than 1,200 students in 48 countries, including eight refugee camps. Seventy-three percent of program graduates land a job within six months of graduating, and 82% of students said the GMI program was important in them landing a new job.

With the new partnership, GMI is giving every Xplorer the opportunity to become a mentor and directly help students succeed, while building their coaching skills and cultural competencies. It’s a great way to use Xplor’s My10% program, where we encourage every Xplorer to spend 10% of their time on personal and professional development, to reach their full potential. Mentors are provided with weekly instructions and all the necessary materials to make their mentorship a success, before being paired with a university student to work with for an hour a week.

“The GMI partnership is part of our Leave a Lasting Impact strategy. Our goal is to leave a positive impact on communities by improving inclusion and diversity, wellbeing, and education on a local and global scale,” says Floris de Kort, CEO, Xplor Technologies. “There’s a lot of excitement about this opportunity to help young people reach their full potential – 18 Xplorers have signed up to be mentors in the first week.” 

“We connect companies and universities: our goal is to create an ecosystem of opportunity for students around the world,” says Jon Browning, CEO, GMI. “We’re excited to partner with Xplor Technologies, as a global company with a strong commitment to creating a social impact. We’re already hearing great things from our students matched with Xplorers, and we hope to see many more mentors sign up in the upcoming weeks.”

Leave a Lasting Impact is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the leading international framework for creating a more sustainable and prosperous future. Our partnership with GMI helps make a difference in two of our selected impact areas; Goal 4 Quality Education and Goal 5 Gender Equality.

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Article by Xplor Technologies

First published: February 18 2022

Last updated: May 20 2024