So, you’ve taken the leap and put in the work so you can live out your dream: owning your own fitness studio. Congratulations—you’ve worked hard to overcome all the hurdles and roadblocks, and now, you’re here!  

Your studio is open, you’re ready to coach members through their work outs and build a following. But… now what?  

It’s time to build your community, and that starts with growing your studio brand. It will take time, but if you use the right marketing and sales tools, you’ll ease the load and generate better results. 

Ready? Here’s how to get started: 

  1. Create content 
  2. Share your content online 
  3. Stand out against other studios 

1. Content Creation for Studio Owners 101 

Content is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a requirement for growing businesses. Why? It drives trust for new prospects, because it’s usually the very first thing they see when they’re discovering your studio.  

Plus, creating content will power your business in ways you cannot measure and will drive essential exposure across your social circles. In the digital age, this can sometimes mean up to hundreds or thousands more viewers than your regular member base—which is a valuable opportunity for virtual classes! 

What type of content should you create to promote your studio? Here are a few ideas to think about: 

  • Helpful tips & tricks—Your content strategy is the perfect opportunity to share your fitness prowess. Share your input and expertise on stretches, movements, or anything else.
  • Motivating quotes—They may seem cheesy, but they may also give your members the push they need to commit to a workout that day. Plus, they are shareable. 
  • Questions & Answers—Ask a question to your followers and encourage them to go in and ask their questions that you can answer. 

If you’re looking for the best low cost or free content creation tools for studio owners, you’ve come to the right place. These resources will take a ton of the stress and anxiety out of this critical function for your studio. Our hope is that you’ll find some new options/services that can make a big difference in your current operation.  

2. Must-Have Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Following  

Your content means nothing if it’s not seen. But where should you be sharing your content? 2020 and on saw the rise of short-form videos on social media, and this trend has no end in sight.  

TikTok—This platform started picking up steam internationally in 2019 and skyrocketed in popular during Covid-19-related quarantines in 2020. TikTok has changed rapidly over the last 3 years and has become a premier community building space for brands to genuinely interact with their customers. What makes TikTok so unique is its ability to allow users to stitch or duet videos, which allows viewers to have conversations on the platform through their video. 

Instagram—Instagram is primarily image-focused, but has shifted to promoting videos through Reels, it’s answer to TikTok. Any videos created on TikTok can be shared to Reels, where they will live on your studio’s account. However, don’t neglect Instagram’s image posting if you choose to focus on video. It’s ever as popular as a platform to share content. 

YouTube—YouTube is the destination on the Internet for sharing video content and has recently branched into its answer to TikTok: YouTube Shorts! YouTube is worth investing in if video content is the biggest fraction of your content creation strategy, because you can create short-form videos to live on your channel along with your longer videos. YouTube Playlist is a fantastic tool that allows you to compile all your video content into one place. And, creating a robust YouTube playlist for your studio is not only great for your members, but also significantly helps your SEO.—Executing a great social media strategy can be done with the help of automation. Later is a planner and scheduler for your studio’s social media posts. Later also has a feature to share content to the link in your Instagram bio, 

3. How to Stand Out from Other Studios 

With the right tools on your side, it’s time to build your brand on the unique experience you provide to your members. Let’s get started with these 5 areas. 

Essence—What is the inspiration behind your studio? Why are you doing what you do? Don’t just say it; deliver it. 

Personality—How does your brand look? Think physical building, website, social media, emails, team members, merch—everything that says, “This is us. Come join us and be part of our community.” 

Core Brand Benefits—What do people get out of becoming a member? How is this different from something they can get somewhere else or for free? 

Audience—Once you can clearly identify who your audience is, it will become much easier to attract and delight them at every stage of their studio experience. 

Commitment—Daily meetings with staff or monthly customer surveys are a great way to ensure the experience you’ve promised your members is delivered. 

Article by Xplor Technologies

First published: December 12 2022

Last updated: May 17 2024