What if you could guarantee your business would be seen by thousands of potential customers every day, while saving you time and money?

For many small and medium businesses (SMBs), connecting with new customers and turning them into loyal ones, is among their biggest challenges.

Many SMBs rely on the combination of a website, social media presence and word-of-mouth to bring in sales. But how long can these things alone continue to generate new income?

Marketplaces and online listing platforms are helping savvy SMBs attract new business and fuel their growth.

Most of us have booked travel, ordered food or made appointments on a marketplace or aggregator website. That is, a website that shows consumers products or services from multiple businesses, allowing them to compare offerings and prices, and make quick, informed decisions.

Online marketplaces have been around for some time now, but recently they’re moving into industries outside of hospitality and travel. For example, parents in Australia are increasingly logging on to childcare center listing platforms to find and compare the best care options for their child. Childcare centers listed on Xplor Space are benefiting from the 5,000+ new enquiries coming in each week – wouldn’t it be great if some of those new leads were coming into your inbox?

Marketplaces can also help reduce an SMBs’ marketing spend. While being listed on some marketplaces does have a cost, the ROI can be significant if it means you’re getting a steady flow of new customers that you then turn into loyal ones.

Marketplaces also use word-of-mouth to great effect, in the form of customer reviews. Marketplaces and listing platforms often display businesses based on positive reviews. So if you’re confident in the quality of your service, this can carry over to your marketplace listing and again be a driver of new business. And the research shows, this matters. Ninety three percent of buyers say they turn to online reviews to make their next purchase, and only 13 percent would engage with a business carrying a 1 or 2-star rating.

As our shopping habits evolve, small businesses need to find new ways to reach customers. Making sure you’re appearing on marketplaces and listing platforms can help you reach more potential customers – something every small business needs.

Article by Xplor Technologies

First published: January 24 2022

Last updated: May 17 2024