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We provide the support and expertise administrators and owners need to manage their centers smoothly, improve parent engagement, and deliver the best educational experience, so that they can focus on what really matters - helping children succeed.

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Xplor Office

Xplor Office is leading business management software for childcare operators that helps services run their center better by automating admin. From enrollments and digital attendance to Government subsidies submissions, Xplor Office is everything you need to help your childcare business succeed.

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Xplor Playground

Xplor Playground is an app for educators that helps them observe, track and document a child’s health and learning more effectively, and manage compliance requirements. Xplor Playground promotes transparency, trust, and engagement between educators, childcare centers and parents, with everything an educator needs to take care of a child’s health, learning, and admin, and help children thrive.

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Xplor Home

Xplor Home is an app for parents that connects them to their child’s learning journey and provides a helping hand with bookings, photos and videos, paying statements and tracking key health information.

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Our QikKids childcare management platform is Australia’s largest for early childhood education and care (ECEC) centers. The platform helps childcare services to run their center better by managing bookings, invoicing parents, connecting to Government subsidies, and automating admin and reporting.

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Xplor Waitlist

Xplor Waitlist helps childcare centers simplify their client relationship management and manage new leads. By managing inquiries and waitlists with automated workflow, management, and reminder tools, we help service owners quickly and easily manage occupancy at their facilities.

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